Prime Minister Jugnauth awarded Grand-Croix de l’Ordre de la Pléiade, Ordre de la Francophonie et du dialogue des cultures

The Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, Home Affairs and External Communications, Minister for Rodrigues, Outer Islands and Territorial Integrity, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, was conferred on Friday 19 April 2024, at the Receptorium of the National Assembly, in Port Louis, the insignia of the Grand-Croix de l’Ordre de la Pléiade, Ordre de la Francophonie et du dialogue des cultures, by the Vice-President of the Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie and President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Senegal, Mr Amadou Mame Diop.

The ceremony was organised in the context of the hosting, in Mauritius, of the 15ème Conférence des Présidents d’Assemblées et de Sections de la région Afrique de l’Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie by the National Assembly on 18 and 19 April 2024.

The insignia of La Pléiade, Ordre de la Francophonie et du dialogue des cultures, is an international honour bestowed by the Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie to honour personalities who promote French language and cultural dialogue, and serve the ideals of co-operation and friendship of the Francophonie. The order comes in five classes: Grand Cross, Grand Officer, Commander, Officer and Knight.

Several eminent personalities were present at the Award Ceremony, this afternoon, including Members of Cabinet; delegates of the Francophonie; local and foreign Members of Parliament; Presiding Officers from Africa; Members of the Diplomatic Corps; and various high-officials.

During the ceremony, the Mauritian Prime Minister was praised not only for his political achievements and career, but also for upholding democracy, the rule of law, and human rights while promoting cultural diversity and the French Language in line with the values and principles of the International Organisation of la Francophonie and the mandate of l’Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie.

In his acceptance speech, Prime Minister Jugnauth stressed that the award greatly honoured Mauritius and the collective actions undertaken by the Government, public institutions and stakeholders involved in accelerating the development and progress of the nation. He asserted that he wll draw inspiration from the award to work further for the sustainable development of the country, for a more just and inclusive society, and for greater resilience in the face of multiple shocks that threaten the assets and achievements of the Francophonie.

The Prime Minister recalled that whether at the regional or international levels, Mauritius had always advocated the fundamental principles of international law, as well as respect for democratic values ​​and individual freedoms. The role of the country in boosting the Francophonie was highlighted as well by Mr Jugnauth. “Mauritius has constantly participated in the evolution and promotion of a multilateral Francophonie,” he affirmed.

Moreover, Prime Minister Jugnauth made a solemn appeal for unity and solidarity so as to collectively and collaboratively address global challenges including climate change, and international and regional conflicts. He was of the view that the Francophone community could, by building upon its values ​​and tapping on its influential diplomacy, persuade international instances to find and devise more just and sustainable solutions to these challenges.

“This is why we are calling for the establishment of a true international democracy under the leadership of actors from the Francophonie and our partners so as to put our respective know-how at the service of common strategy and actions with a view to strengthening a lasting democracy,” underlined the Prime Minister.


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