Budget 2023-2024: Key measures to promote Mauritius as the most preferred tourist destination

The Budget 2023-2024 makes provision for a series of measures to promote Mauritius as the most preferred destination on the international market with a target of achieving a target of 1.4 million tourists and Rs 100 billion of tourism receipts for the next financial year. The Finance Minister, Dr Renganaden Padayachy, announced this evening, a series measures during his presentation of the Budget 2023-2024.

The objective of Government is to transform Mauritius into a Green-Certified Destination by 2030 and in this respect, the Tourism Authority will be reformed with a focus on fostering sustainable tourism development. One of the key measures announced in Budget 2023-2024 is an increase in the budget of the Promotion and Destination Marketing of the MTPA from Rs 400 million to Rs 500 million.

Moreover, to improve the visibility of the hospitality industry, the amount under the Participation in International Fairs SME Refund Scheme is being increased by 25 percent to Rs 250,000.

As regard the development of medical tourism and the silver economy, it is imperative that patients, retirees and their family be offered a hassle-free stay. To this end the budget caters for the following: medical patients and retirees as well as up to two accompanying caretakers will be eligible for a premium visa; there will be no obligation for a foreign patient or retiree to open a bank account in Mauritius; and medical insurance access to foreign retirees above 60 years old.


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