Launch of Indian Ocean Marine Life Foundation for protection and preservation of marine biodiversity

The Indian Ocean Marine Life Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the protection and preservation of the marine biodiversity through research, education, and sustainable practices, was launched, yesterday, at the Cinema Star Premium Le Pavillon Caudan, in Port-Louis.

The spouse of the Prime Minister, Mrs Kobita Jugnauth, the President of the Foundation, Mr René Heuzey, the Honorary President of the Foundation, Mr François Sarano, and other personalities were present.

The event also comprised the screening of the documentary film “Cachalots, une histoire de famille” realised by Mr Guillaume Vincent, Mr François Sarano, and Mr René Heuzey.

In her address, Mrs Kobita Jugnauth, dwelt on the remarkable accomplishments of the Foundation for the conservation of the marine biodiversity.

She pointed out that it is essential for Mauritians and tourists to be aware of the beauty, richness as well as the fragility of the marine ecosystem. “Our oceans are key to attracting more and more tourists in the country”, she said.

Hence, local authorities and international partners should be conscious of the need to bring a balance between human activity and the protection of the fauna and flora, stated Mrs Jugnauth.

Government, she observed, has put in place several measures in line with the objectives of sustainable development, for the management, conservation and protection of the marine ecosystem.

On this note, she spoke of the need to sensitise the population, with the help and intervention of Non-Governmental Organisations and Foundations sharing similar visions.

Mrs Kobita Jugnauth rejoiced that the Foundation will carry out sensitisation campaigns in schools to raise awareness among students and educate them on the importance of protecting our oceans and the marine biodiversity.

For his part, Mr Heuzey highlighted that the Foundation has, as main objectives, to study, research and document on the population and lives of sperm whales and other marine mammals in the Indian ocean region.

It is important to team up, carry out research and transmit the knowledge to others, he stated, and hence the importance of sensitising the population on the need to respect the ecosystem and to live in harmony with animals.

He expressed his thankfulness to all stakeholders who strived for the creation of the Foundation adding that it is a great example of the collaboration between Mauritius and France.


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