World Health Day 2023: Launching of activities at the JSS Academy of Higher Education and Researc

A ceremony to kick-off activities to mark World Health Day 2023, was organised this morning at the JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, Mauritius (JSSAHERM), in Vacoas. The first copy of the JSS Health and Education Newsletter was also issued on that occasion.

The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal; the Mayor of the Municipal Council of Vacoas-Phoenix, Mr Praveen Kumar Ramburn; the Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chancellor of JSSAHERM, Professor (Dr) Praveen Mohadeb; and other personalities were present.

In his address, Minister Jagutpal commended the School of Pharmacy of the JSSAHERM for taking the initiative of celebrating World Health Day at their institution. He indicated that the celebrations will span over three days and will comprise activities such as Yoga, Mindful Meditation, Zumba sessions, Online Continuous Professional Development under the theme “Leadership in Pharmacy” and free checkup at La City, Trianon with various health checks on Non Communicable Diseases.

Dr Jagutpal observed that this year’s theme for World Health Day, observed annually on 07 April, is ‘Health for All’. “This theme demonstrates that it is essential for everyone around the world to get access to information and health care services properly,” he pointed out. In this regard, he indicated that the objective of the Government is to further strengthen Universal Health Coverage in the Republic of Mauritius. “Our objective is to ensure that adequate health services are made available to the whole population across the whole span of life starting from pre-conception to old age,” he added.

The JSSAHERM, the Health Minister underscored, is an institution that showed through the organisation of World Health Day how committed it is to the health of the population. “It is not only an institution that provides training in health subjects and pharmaceutical subjects, but also provides facilities and conducts information campaigns on how we can contribute to make the lives of people better,” Dr Jagutpal remarked.

On this score, the Health Minister reiterated his commitment to give all the encouragement needed by the institution so as to ensure that the work being done is well supported.

“Pharmaceutical sector is a constantly evolving one, and I believe that with the pharmacy programmes it is providing, the institution will deliver a much-needed supply of trained professional workforce, contributing to the ‘Pharmaceutical Hub’ which is one of the visions of our government,” he said.

As regards the health sector, Dr Jagutpal observed that there has been a considerable improvement in the healthcare sector and Government is its best to create a healthy nation. “This however also needs the efforts of each and every one to take care of their health, to practise physical exercises, to stay away from tobacco and to have a healthy diet, amongst others,” he added.

For his part, the Vice Chancellor of the JSSAHERM recalled that the Academy was set up in 2006 and offered engineering programmes. “In 2018, we set up JSS Academy for Higher Education and Research with degree awarding powers approved and registered with the Higher Education Commission,” he pointed out.

Professor Mohadeb further highlighted that the JSSAHERM is evolving rapidly as a health-based post-secondary education institution in Mauritius and in the region, treading on the same path as their parent institution in India. “Our vision is to be a world class centre of excellence in the Indian Ocean so as to enhance the quality of life for the benefit of society in diverse nations through education, training, research and innovation,” he added.


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