Fisheries: Minister Maudhoo meets delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran

The Minister of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping, Mr Sudheer Maudhoo, met this morning, in Port-Louis, a delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran that was led by the Vice-Minister and President of the Iran Fisheries Organisation (IFO), Mr Seyed Hossein Hosseini.

The delegation that comprised several representatives of the IFO, a representative of the Fishing Cooperatives and a representative of Fishing Vessel Manufacturing Factories, along with an Economic Operator and Investor, was accompanied by the Iranian Ambassador, Mr Hassan Ali Bakhshi.

The delegation provided an in-depth overview of the fisheries industry in the Islamic Republic of Iran, including its annual aquaculture production, yearly fish catch, information regarding its exportation and methods and technology used for fishing.

The opportunities of collaboration between Mauritius and the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fishing industry were brought forth during discussions. Both parties discussed the ways Mauritius can benefit from the technical support, expertise and training from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Minister Maudhoo, on his part, dwelt on the vision of his Ministry to further develop and expand the fishing industry in Mauritius, with the aim of tapping into the unexploited rich marine resources of the country. Also, he underlined his objective of empowering artisanal fishermen to increase their fish catch, with the aim of enhancing their socioeconomic situation.

Furthermore, the Minister highlighted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has a much developed and advanced fisheries sector. He expressed conviction that Mauritius can learn from the knowledge and expertise of Islamic Republic of Iran to develop the country’s artisanal and deep-sea fishing activities and engage in new fishing activities such as aquaculture.


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