Government drops retail price of Smatch oil bottle from Rs 75 to Rs 69.50 per litre as from 18 September 2023

The retail price of Smatch edible oil will go down from Rs 75 per litre to Rs 69.50 per litre as from Monday 18 September 2023 in both Mauritius and Rodrigues, announced the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Dr Dorine Chukowry, in a press statement, this afternoon, in Ebène.

Government has at heart the welfare of the population and has in the same bid reviewed the price so that the oil is accessible to a greater number of consumers, she stated. She recalled that the State Trading Corporation introduced the Smatch oil brand following the soaring of oil prices on the international market. This measure, she pointed out, brought relief to consumers and also impacted positively on price stabilisation.

The decrease of Rs 5.50 per litre will enable consumers to have choices as the brand will compete with the other exiting brands, and also better regulate oil market in Mauritius, she underscored.

Moreover, the Minister indicated that she along with relevant stakeholders have effected visits in several retail outlets across the island to ensure that there is no violation of consumer’s rights. Several offences including over pricing, sale of expired products and non display of prices of products have been recorded, she remarked.

Dr Chukowry highlighted that a total of 245 fines were issued from 01 to 15 September 2023. This exercise will bring awareness among consumers as well as caution traders of malpractices or violations, she said, adding that the Ministry will continue to effect such visits to ensure that the rights of consumers are protected.


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