Prime Minister inaugurates newly renovated ‘Place Arc-en-Ciel’ in Providence village

The Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, proceeded with the inauguration of the newly renovated ‘Place Arc-en-Ciel’, this afternoon, in Providence village. On that occasion, a volleyball pitch, a ‘Pétanque’ court, a recreational park for children, a spiritual garden and a mini soccer Arena were inaugurated while a sculpture was also unveiled.

The project to the tune of Rs 30 million, aims to cater to the cultural and religious needs of the inhabitants of the region as well as to provide them with a place for leisure activities. In 2008, the Sugar Industry Labour Welfare Fund donated portions of land to several ethnic communities for the erection of places of religious beliefs, thereby getting the name ‘Arc-en-Ciel’. The area consists of: a Hindu Temple; a Kovil; a Marathi Temple; a virgin Mary Grotto; a Centre for Sai Baba; an Islamic Cultural Centre; a Kalimaye and; a Mandiram.

The Vice-Prime Minister, Minister of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, Mrs Leela Devi Dookun-Luchoomun; the Parliamentary Private Secretary, Mr Nand Prakash Ramchurrun; the Member of Parliament, Mr Yogida Sawmynaden; the Chairperson of the District Council of Moka, Mr Sudhirchandra Soonarane; and other personalities were also present at the inaugural ceremony.

In his address, Mr Jugnauth firstly congratulated the District Council and the socio-cultural organisations of the region for having contributed in the renovation of this space, which according to him, symbolises the true meaning of Unity in Diversity. This space, he added, demonstrates the secular nature of our society as it comprises places of worship of every religious community of the island in the same area.

On this note, he lauded the inhabitants for their peaceful way of living and the way they collaborate together whenever there is any cultural or religious activity going on. “Your unity sends a strong national message to the population and bears testimony of the possibility of living together in unity even while having different religious beliefs,” the Prime Minister affirmed.

This place, Mr Jugnauth further emphasised, equally represents the strength that exists in being united and how by demonstrating respect for each other, we remain away from the trap of violence and division. “Mauritius has so far achieved a peaceful and united society unparalleled by any other neighbouring African country and is recognised as one of the rarest democracies of the world having such a peaceful multi-ethnic society,” he underpinned.

As regards the sculpture, the Prime Minister indicated that it was set up to represent the values of fraternity, peace, harmony, and unity that exist between the different communities of our Mauritian society as well as to symbolise this meeting place of several cultural diversities.

Speaking of the future of the tourism sector, Mr Jugnauth highlighted that Mauritius is cited as a model internationally for its prevailing peace and unity. “We must continue in this path so as to showcase Mauritius as a culturally rich destination if we want to encourage the continued development of tourism in the country,” he said.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Jugnauth shared that infrastructures such as the mini soccer arena and the spiritual garden have been set up to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants and the people of the region.

The Prime Minister likewise underscored Government’s commitment in supporting future development adding that several developmental projects are being implemented across the island to meet the needs of the population while ensuring progress of the country.

Speaking of the importance of maintaining a good health, Mr Jugnauth stressed on the need for each and every one to practice sports and adopt good eating habits, in particular the youths, so that they keep away from social ills such as consumption of drugs. He seized the opportunity to congratulate the athletes taking part in the Indian Ocean Island Games 2023 in Madagascar for their efforts and success.

He further evoked that Government is investing in our athletes by providing the appropriate infrastructures such as the Côte d’Or National Sports Complex which comprises a swimming pool of Olympic standards and many other amenities to ensure that athletes train adequately for international sports competitions.

For her part, the Vice-Prime Minister reaffirmed that in order for a country to make progress, its citizens need to have access to education and added that it was in this context that Government came up with the introduction of free education for children of the pre-primary school as from January 2024. “This bears testimony to the fact that Government will do its best to ensure that every child gets access to quality education”, she stated.

As for Mr Sawmynaden, he underlined that Government has come up with a series of measures with regard to education, health and transport for the well-being of every citizen and to help the nation prosper. He also spoke of the determination of Government in its relentless fight against drug trafficking and called on the population to join hands in this combat.

Mr Soonarane, for his part, indicated that the inhabitants of Providence village have always collaborated for the welfare of its region. As for the renovated space which has been further equipped with sports amenities, he said that it will benefit the inhabitants in line with Government’s vision to encourage the population practice a sports activity.


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