Prime Minister Jugnauth meets his Indian counterpart Shri Narendra Modi Ji

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, met his Indian counterpart, Shri Narendra Modi, on Friday 08 September 2023, in New Delhi.

This meeting is, in fact, the Indian Prime Minister’s first bilateral meeting held in the margins of the 18th edition of the G20 Summit being hosted in India. Prime Minister Jugnauth emphasised that this gesture is testimony to the high esteem which India has for Mauritius.

During this meeting, the Mauritian Prime Minister expressed gratitude to the Indian Prime Minister for having invited Mauritius to participate in the Summit.

Both leaders also discussed other issues, including climate change adaptation measures. This theme will be taken up during the G20 Summit. Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth affirmed that this will allow Small Island Developing States to make their voices heard. The Mauritian and Indian Prime Ministers moreover conferred on measures aimed at curbing CO2 emissions. India will, on that note, extend its assistance to Mauritius for the acquisition of 200 electric buses.

In addition, Mr Jugnauth expressed his appreciation to the Indian Government for its consistent support with regards to the Chagos issue.

Discussions also focused on new developments in the financial sector which are expected to materialise soon as a result of Indo-Mauritian collaboration.

The meeting likewise served as an opportunity for the two leaders to review the diverse ongoing development projects in Mauritius being supported by India.

The Head of the Mauritian Government also qualified the meeting with his Indian counterpart as one marked by ties of friendship and fraternity, adding that India and Mauritius are genuine partners.


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