Youngsters participate in 3rd edition of National Youth Parliament to experience functions of legislature

The third edition of the National Youth Parliament (NYP), bringing together 76 young participants aged between 14 to 23 years old to experience the functions of the legislature, opened, today, in the Chamber of the National Assembly in Port Louis.
The educational programme, spanning over two days, aims to provide a platform for the youth to debate on issues of national and international importance in a parliamentary set up with a view to strengthening democracy. The youngsters are role playing 25 ministerial portfolios including the Prime Minister as well as the Speaker and the Leader of the Opposition.
Prior to the start of the session, the Deputy Clerk of the National Assembly, Ms Urmeelah Devi Ramchurn, congratulated the participants for their selection for the NYP and called upon them to make the most of this opportunity and to act responsibly and to the best of their abilities as exemplary citizens of the country.
About the National Youth Parliament
The NYP has as objectives to provide youngsters with a better understanding of the functions and operations of the legislature with regard to the Constitution, Standing Orders and Rules of the National Assembly, parliamentary traditions, conventions and practice.
It also aims to develop an interest and understanding of parliamentary history, etiquette and procedure. Public speaking, presentation, leadership and decision-making skills as well as the ability to network with fellow citizens for the achievement of common goals are key skills to be enhanced through this programme.
The participants have received a four-day training to give them an insight of the functioning of the Parliament. Participants of former editions have also provided their assistance.


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