32 Years of Sofitel Mauritius: Assisting to shape Mauritius’s tourism future

The Sofitel Mauritius L’Imperial Resort & Spa celebrated its 32nd anniversary in Mauritius, marking three decades of excellence. The Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), Minister of Housing and Land Use Planning, and Minister of Tourism, Mr. Louis Steven Obeegadoo, graced the event as the chief guest. Also in attendance were the French Ambassador, Mr. Frederic Bontemps, the General Manager of Sofitel Mauritius, Mr. Antonio Ferreira, and other distinguished guests.

The celebration provided an opportunity to reflect on the establishment’s history and acknowledge the dedication of the owners and their commitment to their employees.

In his address, the DPM praised the efforts and dedication of the owners of Sofitel Mauritius in achieving this remarkable success. He highlighted the endeavours of the Taiwanese owners who arrived in Mauritius 32 years ago and chose to invest in the country.

The Minister described Sofitel Mauritius L’Imperial Resort & Spa as a cornerstone of tourism on the west coast, attracting thousands of visitors annually, including around 16 000 guests and 400 regular clients. He characterised the hotel as a revenue generator, drawing tourists with its sophisticated and elegant design, reflecting the French art of living with Asian inspirations rooted in the owners’ background.

Mr. Obeegadoo recalled that the tourism sector has rebounded after the COVID-19 pandemic, providing a positive outlook for Mauritius’s economy. He disclosed that tourism revenue has increased by 8%, and the spending by tourists has risen by 16%. He emphasised the positive contribution of Sofitel Mauritius to this recovery.

He further announced the implementation of new regulations aimed at striking a balance between human resources and the adopted discipline within the industry. He pointed out that both the tourism sector and his Ministry are dedicated to diversifying the market, with the goal of transforming Mauritius into a destination known for more than just its beautiful beaches and sunny weather. They aim to showcase the island as a place with a rich array of experiences waiting to be discovered.

Mr. Ferreira, in his remarks, highlighted the collective effort of the entire hotel staff that brought the establishment to its current stature. He also acknowledged the dedication of the 20 team members who have been with the hotel since its inception three decades ago. He spoke of the hotel’s international recognition and its significant evolution over the years, noting its historical and cultural significance to Mauritius.


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