Budget 2023-24 commits for the provision of community wellness and development for all

The Finance Minister pointed out that the Budget provides for more facilities to our citizens to improve their quality of life across the Island. To this end, it caters for the construction of 40 new Mini Soccer Pitches across the Island; the upgrade 11 Mini Soccer Pitches ; the upgrade 34 Football Grounds ; Construction of two new football grounds at Petite Retraite, and L’Escalier; Construction of 12 new Children’s Gardens; the Upgrade of eight Children’s Gardens ; and the Upgrade 11 Markets.

Besides, Dr Padayachy announced the contruction of 6 new Multi-Purpose Complexes at Ripailles, L’Espérance Trébuchet, Camp De Masque Pavé, Camp Yoloff, Medine Camp de Masque and Mangalkhan; the upgrade of 5 Multi-Purpose Complexes at Malherbes, Petit Raffray, Mare D’Albert, Rivière des Créoles and Moka; the investment in 12 new Health Tracks ; the upgrade of 7 Village Halls ; and the construction of 2 new Village Halls at Alma and Camp Ithier.

Other projects catered for in the Budget 2023-2024 are namely: extending the Municipal Halls at Camp Pierrot and Gorah Issac Plaine Verte; upgrading 5 Cemeteries at Bois Marchand, Fond Du Sac, Plaine Magnien, Phoenix and Camp Fouquereaux; Constructing 6 new Petanque Courts at Upper Dagotière, Quartier Militaire, Camp Diable, La Brasserie, Britannia and Montagne Ory; upgrading 4 Volleyball Pitches at Cascavelle, Beau Bassin, Résidence EDC Pamplemousses and Montagne Ory; Constructing 2 new Indoor Gyms at Nehru Nagar and Bon Accueil; 4 new Open Gyms at Bambous, La Caverne, Curepipe and Belle Vue Maurel; 2 Futsals at Cottage and Ebène; and 2 Gymnasiums at Plaine Magnien and Résidence la Cure, amongst others.

The Finance Minister also indicated that a Masterplan for Curepipe will be worked out and that the Hermitage Traffic Centre will be renovated, while traffic centres at Rose-Hill, Constance, Camp Diable, Moka Eye Hospital, Grand Baie and St- Pierre, will be constructed.
With the aim of promoting a community-based activities and for the welfare of citizens, the Budget caters for the construction of a new elderly day care centre at Rose-Hill; a Creativity Centre at Mahebourg; setting up of a Community Centre at Stanley; implementing a Social Welfare Centre in Rose-Hill ; upgrading the Montagne Ory Social Welfare Centre; and revamping community centres at Riche Mare, Coromandel and Camp Yoloff into community wellness centres.


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