Prime Minister Jugnauth meets representatives of socio-cultural organisations

The Prime Minister, Mr Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, met on Monday 23 May 2023, representatives of the Hindi Speaking Union, the Urdu Speaking Union and the Mauritius Tamil Cultural Centre Trust, at the New Treasury Building in Port Louis. The Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage, Mr Avinash Teeluck, was also present.

In a statement, Prime Minister Jugnauth highlighted that the meeting was cordial and focused on the state land in the vicinity of Côte d’Or to be proposed to the Hindi Speaking Union, the Urdu Speaking Union, the Mauritius Tamil Cultural Centre Trust, and the Indo Mauritian Catholic Association so that they can implement their projects.

The Prime Minister recalled that Government had previously put at the disposal of private organisations, Ministries, and parastatal bodies a certain number of state land located in Réduit to be developed under certain conditions. He indicated that, following major development taking place in the Réduit region, Government has reviewed the situation with regard to land allocated thereat and took the decision to recover all the land not used so far.

However, he underscored, Government offered an alternative to the four organisations and, land which is easily accessible at La Vigie, was proposed to them to implement their projects. He outlined that some of the members questioned the land offered at La Vigie and that Government thus proposed state land in the vicinity of Côte d’Or.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Jugnauth informed that the Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage has already made the necessary arrangements for representatives of the four organisations involved to carry out a site visit at Côte d’Or soon to take stock of the proposed site. They will now have the choice between the land at La Vigie and at Côte d’Or before taking their decision, he added.

He moreover reassured Government’s commitment to find the best possible solution so that these organisations can move forward with their projects.


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